Cangzhou New Mart Machine Tool Accessories Co., Ltd. (formerly Hebei Italian Machine Tool Accessories Co., Ltd.) was founded in 1980, is located in southeastern Hebei Province, the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed west, east Bohai Sea, is a research and development, production of engineering plastics towline, organ protective cover, chip conveyor and sales of large private enterprises.The company has a precision CNC equipment and professional and technical personnel, with mold workshop and injection workshop - stop production lines and domestic injection molding machines, presses, metal hose, etc. A total of more than 30 units. Mainly produces plastic towline, steel and aluminum towline, engineering plastic hose, hose connectors, cable connectors waterproof, protective cover, CNC machine tool accessories, machine tool production has now become the largest number of attachments, most varieties, the full specifications enterprise.The company has consistently advocated for the first science and technology, research and development lead the way business ideas, and constantly improve student equipment, improve production technology and quality of our products more stable and reliable.With the development of market economy, New Mart will continue to pursue the "integrity, innovation" business philosophy, so that the new product Mart become the preferred brand of users the majority of machine tool accessories, welcome to visit our friends! MORE




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Cableveyor use in the industry What are the main classification


The factory specializing in the production of cable chains, generally used in the machine tools such as cable, tubing, pipe, pipe, duct, from the traction and protection.

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Run flexible cable chain has a good effect


Cableveyor divided into several parts, such as it is made of high quality chrome steel chain plate, produced by pultrusion of aluminum alloy and a support plate made from steel pin from the axle and other components.